Let’s put this “Speak English, this is America” nonsense to rest, shall we?

(Not so new) news flash, the United States does not have an official language 🧐 Yet, there’ve been efforts from different groups to make English the official language for decades.

Instead of being proud of our bilingual skills, we’re forced to conceal them. 22% of Latinos say they’ve been discriminated against for speaking Spanish in public, and the Border Patrol has even detained people just for speaking Spanish 🤯

We can’t believe it either. Especially since there are over 300 languages spoken in the U.S., and Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the world! 

Sadly, language debates are rarely about language itself. They reflect intolerance and discrimination against the people who happen to speak those languages. 

Anti-Latino discrimination has soared since the 2016 election. School teachers, lawyers and even politicians have harassed others for speaking Spanish, because “we’re in America” they say 🙄

Making English the “official U.S. language” will only fuel bigots who equate a foreign language with being “un-American”. 

Afuera with the naysayers, we are proud to be bilingual and we will speak as we please!