A high-speed car crash caused by an unlicensed teenager resulted in the tragic death of 32-year-old Monique Muñoz, in mid-February. Now family members are demanding justice after the teen’s millionaire father attempted to silence them.

Monique was driving home from work when a Lamborghini going over 100 mph collided with her car in West Los Angeles. In the following weeks after Monique’s death, friends and family have protested for charges to be filed in the case.

Muñoz’s mother, Carol Cardona, feared that the driver's father, [pictured above] Beverly Hills millionaire James Khuri would use his privilege to protect his son from being charged. Khuri has gotten cases dismissed in the past and even attempted to settle with Cardona.

After waiting nearly 50 days, Muñoz's family finally received news that the L.A. County District Attorney’s office filed charges on Wednesday. Cardona says the family will continue to fight for justice, and plan on holding a rally on Saturday to demand for the teen to be tried as an adult.