The second part of Selena The Series premiered on Netflix last month. While season one brought a lot of mixed emotions on the delivery and approach, the writers decided to deepen the themes. Did it pay off? Here’s Pulso’s take on the show…


Season two picks up where the first left off, with Selena dating Chris Pérez. The first bummer of the season was seeing them resort to eloping because of her father’s overprotective ideals. The rest of the season focuses less on their relationship and more on Selena’s fame.

Selena’s character was way more developed compared to the first season. We’re able to see her grow into a fashion designer and business owner, going against her family’s music ambitions for her. It’s a joy to see our Tejano queen be as strong-willed as we remember her being.

Even though we knew how the season would end, watching the events leading up to Selena’s murder was just as suspenseful and heartbreaking as if we hadn’t seen it coming 💔 With nine episodes total, we still felt like we could’ve spent more time with an icon gone too soon.