Fernanda Suarez is an artist with a gift for illustrating gorgeous portraits of women. And the world is noticing! She has over 220,000 followers on Instagram, something only 2% of the platform’s users have accomplished. Her account (@fdasuarez) has over 100 of her paintings.

She recreates iconic Disney princesses as modern-day women who have NO TIME to wait around for prince charming in a series called “Modern.” 

Fernanda not only changes the princesses’ physical form with modern-day clothes and accessories, but also their attitudes. She gives them a fierceness that makes it clear these damsels are NOT in distress!

And her work is not limited to just princesses. She paints heroines from classic books and comics. She also paints women of her own creation, like this one titled “Stories of mine”.

Thanks, Fernanda for showing us that behind every woman there’s a fierce warrior 💪🏽