A headline-making scare tactic during the 2016 election claimed that a Democratic win would end in “taco trucks on every corner.” Although we think that’d be great, this type of racism is a problem for mobile food workers.

In Canoga Park, a Latino neighborhood in LA, a street vendor was harassed by a resident with a history of spouting racist anti-immigrant language. But neighbors demonstrated in front of the harasser’s home in August 2020—and performed ballet folklórico in the street!

Unfortunately, incidents of street vendors being harassed are on the rise. Recently, similar incidents have happened in El Paso, TX, Santa Clarita, CA, Sacramento, CA and many other cities. But change is on the way.

Fresno, CA is creating a safety plan to protect vendors, and the NYPD and DC councilmembers are looking into ways to decriminalize unlicensed vending in those cities. So support your local eloteros, paleteros and other street vendors who are a vital part of Latino culture!