Texas florist Jenny Cudd was one of the insurrectionists charged for storming the U.S. Capitol on January 6. In an act that’s the epitome of privilege, Cudd is taking a Mexican vacation while awaiting her court proceedings… during a pandemic. Unfortunately, Jenny’s not alone in her entitlement...

Texas Senator Ted Cruz recently fled the freezing temperatures in his state for a Cancun getaway. Aside from escaping a natural disaster when his constituents needed him, Ted set a terrible example by traveling for leisure to a country that’s struggling with Covid.  


Latin America is dealing with the same outbreaks that have devastated frontline workers here, especially those in the hospitality industry. But some of these regions have more lax Covid restrictions, making them a go-to spot for vacationers pretending like everything’s normal.

The CDC has suggested that people stop traveling to countries such as Costa Rica, Brazil, Cuba and Mexico due to high Covid cases. But some Americans are ignoring these recommendations and putting our gente in Latin America in danger, all for a leisurely trip.