From mangú and mofongo to rondón and quimbombo, here are three Afro Latino-owned restaurants to support ❤️ Starting with L.A’s first Afro Mexican restaurant, Tamales Elena y Antojitos, a family-owned business that once started as a food truck in 2005. 

Over on the East coast you’ll find Beastro, the Bronx’s first hip hop restaurant featuring traditional Afro Puerto Rican food. And, when in Oakland, head over to Sobre Mesa, an Afro Latin cocktail lounge taking you on a tropical vacation with its Dominican inspired menu!

These are just a few of the gems we can find across the U.S. Others include Sazon Restaurant in Philly and Cafe con Libros in NYC. We’re hoping for even more Afro Latino spaces in the future because it’s exciting seeing nuestra gente sharing our heritage through food ❤️