There’s no denying that the aroma of chile roasting can cause any mouth to water 😛 Which is why across the Southwest, you’ll find roasting stands on street corners and parking lots of farmers markets. But did you know, there’s a pretty big rivalry for the best chile in all the land? 🌶

We’d like to introduce the first contender - the pueblo chile! It’s named after a small town in Colorado that hosts an annual Chile and Frijoles Festival. Latinos know this pepper as “mirasol” because it grows upwards towards the sun 🌞

The next contender is the hatch chile! It’s named after a town in New Mexico that considers itself the “Chile Capital of the World''. While it does not score as high on the hotness test, it tastes great when roasted 🙌

This rivalry has been ongoing for decades and New Mexicans claim the hatch chile has the upper hand as they have a longer growing season. But Pueblo farmers claim that because the hatch chile is in such high demand, it is often harvested before it’s ripe 😱

The state’s governors are even in on the rivalry and have traded quips about who has the better chile on Twitter.


We’re here for some friendly competition, but above all else, we’re here for some chile 🤤 wherever we can get it.