One of the many beauties of our Latino culture is that one Spanish word can have multiple meanings. From slang words to phrases, each Latin American country has its own vocabulary that makes them unique 👏  Here are five words that are spelled the same but mean different things depending where you’re from!

Let's start with “ahorita”. While in the Caribbean this word means “a bit later”, in Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia “ahorita” actually means “right now” 😲  Be careful when making plans, because based on who made them, someone might arrive a bit too late or a bit too early!

When ordering a “torta” from a Venezuelan or Colombian menu, you’d get a cake. But a Mexican restaurant might give you a sandwich roll filled with veggies and meat. And while “fresas” translates to strawberries, Mexicans use it to describe someone who’s preppy.

Beep beep! Did someone call the “coche? While the preferred term for a car is “carro”, coche is often used in many Latin American countries. But, coche in Chile is the slang term for pig 🐷  and is also used to describe a baby stroller 👶🏽

Que mas mi pana?” is used primarily in Venezuela to call on a friend. But in most countries “pana” is a woven fabric typically made of cotton.

Hopefully knowing these five words, spelled the same but with different meanings, helps prevent future confusion 🤔