Filmmaker and activist Eduardo Chávez grew up hearing about how his grandfather, civil rights icon César Chávez, fought tirelessly for farmworker’s rights.

Eduardo wanted to connect with his grandfather’s mission, so he spent a month picking grapes with undocumented farmworkers at a vineyard in Sonoma, California. 

He turned this experience into the documentary “Hailing Cesar” to bring attention to the ongoing plight of farmworkers.

We caught up with Eduardo…

César Chávez co-founded the United Farm Workers union, fasted to end the pesticide use that made farmworkers sick, and helped improve their lives.

While picking grapes, Eduardo saw firsthand the hardships and “slave wages” his undocumented colleagues still earn. 

Eduardo believes Latinos should ban together, and support each other, including those who are undocumented.

He’s experienced firsthand the importance of taking the time to learn about our family and history. This helps us find inner pride.

And his favorite Latino food… comes from his Cuban mom’s side of the family. 

On his journey of family discovery, Eduardo realized the importance of being present each moment, and is using this philosophy to continue his family’s fight for farmworker’s rights.