For those of us who express love by gift-giving, consider supporting independent Latino creators at marketplaces near you this Valentine’s Day, or some of these great finds:

In gentrifying Washington Heights, M. Tony Peralta has a flagship studio store that celebrates his Dominican heritage through jewelry, clothes and prints. Those of us outside of New York can still cop gifts like this Azabache hoodie at

If your lover can’t get enough beauty care, is an LA-based brand of holistic skin products. Created by esthetician Leah Guerrero, these goods are “raw and organic,” and based on Mexican herbalism traditions. 

Queer Latinx artist Grae Galindo has remade a loterĂ­a deck based on their experiences. ChicagoterĂ­a ( is a Chicago-version of the traditional card game, which has been criticized for racist and sexist tropes. 

Created by Afro-Dominican herbalist Suhaly Bautista-Carolina, reminds us of our abuela’s remedies. She offers herbal consultations, teas, and tinctures, like the “heartbreak elixir” that could be useful if you’re recently single. 

To prove love, we don’t always need to give gifts. But if you decide to shop, show your love for independent Latino creators!