Since the coronavirus outbreak has sparked fear across the globe, Google searches for the term “corona beer virus” and “beer virus” have gone up 🤔 Amidst the frenzy to protect ourselves from the disease, some have merged the two.

Okay, let’s start by clearing up the basics… 

Coronavirus = dangerous respiratory infection spreading globally 😷

Corona™️ = Mexican beer 😜 

Coronavirus symptoms include coughing, fever and difficulty breathing 🤒

Corona beer symptoms include loss of inhibitions which lead to believing you can dance 🕺🏽 or calling your ex 📱

On a more serious note, the coronavirus outbreak has been declared a global emergency. We don’t yet know whether or how the virus will spread through the U.S., but modern travel patterns make it worrisome. 

Experts say it’s best to avoid travel and people who have flu-like symptoms. 

But that hasn’t stopped the internet from turning a potential pandemic into beer puns! 

In summary: beer doesn’t cause coronavirus. Just like how Listeria has nothing to do with Listerine™️, Celiac disease isn’t an intolerance to Celia Cruz 💃🏾 and people don’t only have Día-betes during the day 🌞