World Cancer Day is February 4th, and it reminds us to talk about important screenings, and not to ignore the signs.

Paola Chavez found a lump in her breast in September 2017, but she didn’t get it checked out. 

When her pregnancy was confirmed, she was also diagnosed with breast cancer, and had to undergo chemotherapy. 

Cancer is the leading cause of death for Latinos, and we have a higher risk for cancers associated with infections, such as liver, stomach, and cervix.

Latinos are also less likely to get screenings that detect the disease in early stages. The high cost of healthcare and distrust of medical doctors are some reasons why.

Unfortunately, some rely on ineffective herbal, homeopathic treatments.

There are various resources that provide free or low-cost cancer screenings, and many major tests are covered through the Affordable Care Act.

Paola knew something wasn’t right, and she was lucky that her pregnancy forced her to receive successful cancer treatment, “my son is healthy and thriving and I want others to know there is hope.” 

Early detection is best to beat this disease, so don’t ignore the ‘hunch’ that something is not right.