Jacqueline Rivera and her 7-year-old daughter have been living in outdoor shelters in Guánica, Puerto Rico since their home was damaged by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake on January 7th.

The earthquake destroyed much of the southern part of the island, leaving many without shelter and daily essentials.

The Trump administration is restricting billions of dollars in disaster relief for the island-colony since Hurricane Maria. And the Puerto Rican government is also failing its people. 

Recently, locals discovered a warehouse packed with expired supplies meant for people affected by Hurricane Maria that were never distributed. This sparked outrage across the island. 

Activists warn us not to donate to government entities because there are too many examples of mismanagement, hoarding, and corruption.

The best way to make sure our donations are used correctly is to give money rather than goods. 

Above are trustworthy relief efforts you can contact to help. 

Democratic House leaders are continuing to fight for more government-issued relief funding by trying to pass an emergency aid package through Congress. 

We can do our part by being vocal on social media, calling our representatives or showing up to fundraisers. Unidos we can help give Puerto Ricans the aid they deserve.