We get it, not all Latinos love spicy foods. And although many of our dishes aren’t complete without peppers, there’s a wide “spice” level that could range from 0 to 2 million on the Scoville Scale. Those of us who enjoy the burn can actually live longer because of it!    

Studies show that eating spicy foods six or seven times a week lowers our risk of premature death by 14% compared to those who eat chiles less than once a week.

When you eat chiles at least four times per week, the risk of dying from a heart attack is 40% lower. And death from stroke is reduced by more than HALF! 

Enjoy those chiles, because you’re reducing pain from heartburn and acid reflux, fighting diseases and aging, and even aiding weight loss. Can someone say “body by chiles”?

Too picoso for you? Relieve the pain by drinking milk or eating bread. Or, you could eat a Carolina Reaper ☠️ the hottest pepper in the world…by comparison nothing will ever burn as much 🔥 

These health benefits are enough to convert even the wimpiest eater to the flamin’ hot side 🌶