When Kassandra heard President Donald Trump’s threats to deport “millions,” her heart sank. The 19-year-old undocumented immigrant immediately called her father to tell him to “be careful out there”.

Planning for a worst-case scenario is something immigrant families across the U.S. are doing right now. 

Here are some ways you can help, and know your contribution is going to the right place…

You can donate to Project Corazon Travel Fund, which sends Spanish-speaking lawyers to detention centers and refugee camps to help people apply for asylum and represent them in court. You can also pledge your frequent flier miles to lawyers through Miles4Migrants.

And, if you’re bilingual, you can conduct intake interviews with detained asylum-seekers by phone. Immigrant advocacy groups like RAICES, Immigration Justice Campaign, and Al Otro Lado need volunteers in detainment centers across the country.

You can also demand your lawmakers stop funding ICE and border patrol, display posters showing solidarity for immigrants and share Know Your Rights resources within your community. 

One quick action you can take right now is to share this information so others can become allies, and empower those who need our support.