Here’s our *necessary* take on this classic Latino New Year’s Eve tradition. 

We begin each year by stuffing twelve grapes into our mouths and making 12 wishes. After all, we want a year of good luck and prosperity! Here are our 12 wishes going into 2020:

First grape: (We’d need this one before 2020!) We wish for every child in custody at the border to be released and reunited with their parents, and Not.One.More to be detained. 

Second grape: More representation in media, politics, business, and every industry!

#3: Greater access to wealth for our community! 

#4: More educational institutions investing in Latinos.

#5: No more violence directed at immigrants. 

#6: An administration that respects and recognizes immigrant contributions to our country.

#7: More spaces to celebrate our diverse cultures! 

#8: Latinos taking up more space and demanding a seat at the table.

#9: Allyship within, and outside the Latino community.

#10: For Salma Hayek to rock it as a Marvel superhero 🙌🏽

#11: Regular heroes standing up for our gente in everyday situations.

#12: A Latino president! 

For all of us to recognize the power of our vote and USE IT wisely would be worth the grape gulping 🍇 Happy 2020!