For many of us, the holidays are the only chance we get to see some of our favorite cousins and tíos. Including some we don’t necessarily agree with. 

But how do we handle our different opinions without ruining the family dinner?

Let’s say, if your uncle walks through the door proudly wearing a bright red MAGA hat…do you stay quiet or tell him that he’s showing self-hatred and ignoring the multiple ways Trump is stomping on our gente? 

Perhaps requesting he remove it out of respect for the hostess will work.  

Or, what if you’ve become a vegetarian…Should you decline a serving of pork and (Ay Dios mio!) risk insulting the cook?

Just stack your plate with guac, rice and other meatless options…discreetly! 

What if grandpa refers to your friend as ‘el negro’…Do you explain the racism and pain associated with that phrase?

A good strategy would be to show him the trailer for the upcoming Lin Manuel Miranda film ‘In The Heights,’ which deals with colorism.

All families have people with different opinions. And, if you’re the resident woke family member, embrace the chance to broaden their perspectives this holiday season.