Human Rights Day is December 10th, reminding us that all humans deserve basic rights and freedoms. And the documentary Raising Zoey shows the importance of equality for all, regardless of gender identity.

The film follows a transgender girl who struggles for acceptance in her school and society, but embraces her true identity with support from mom Ofelia. 

Ofelia says Zoey isn’t special because she socially transitioned from the gender assigned at birth, but simply because of who she is. 

About a third of trans youth have attempted suicide. Experts say that having a supportive family drastically decreases high levels of depression and suicidal thoughts in trans children.

There’s a misconception that Latino families don’t accept their LGBTQ+ family members, including trans people. In reality, 81% of trans Latinxs say they’ve experienced some level of support from their immediate family, just like Zoey. 

Sadly, 74% of trans Latinx youth report harassment or assault in school.

Studies show that calling a transgender person by their preferred name can reduce their chance of suicide by as much as 65%, showing how far acceptance can go. 

Honoring our differences can have a profound impact, and Human Rights need to extend to every day.