Instead of feeling grateful these holidays, your brain may be on overdrive with worries about work, that fight with your BFF, and counting the calories in your favorite empanadas…

But let’s face it, are your woes really worth the agony? It’s time to tell your inner critic to take a hike! 

Besides, look at how much worse things could be…

fire oops GIF

You could have gotten a little too distracted on social media 🔥 while making your potluck contribution…

explosion fail GIF

Or attempted to deep fry that turkey 🍗 like your primo suggested…

pool fail GIF

At least your cool weather dare didn’t give you unexpected bruises 👀 that’s something to be grateful for 😅

And we know you’re too smart to toss your stinky trash like this 🤭

 Or to use a trash can as a photo backdrop 😳

Come to think of it, there are multiple reasons to feel grateful, especially if you consider the alternatives! So let’s focus on the happy moments this Thanksgiving!

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