You’ve heard that “The Future is Latina,” and the reality is that the present is already Latina! 

But you wouldn’t know that by looking at the gross disparity in our paychecks…

Today, Latinas make a mere 54 cents for every dollar that a white, non-Latino man makes. That’s why November 20th was recognized as #LatinaEqualPayDay, noting the date Latinas have to work through to earn the same salary a white male received in 2018. 

Latinas make 45.5% less than white men and 31% less than white women. Which means that an average Latina has to work 23 months just to earn what a white man earns in 12 months. 

Investing in Latinas is crucial for improving economic prosperity in this country.

Latinas are the major decision-makers in households, and Hispanic purchasing power is expected to be at $1.7 trillion dollars in 2020. 

Until Latinas are paid for their work fairly, our families are living with less money for food, housing, childcare and medical costs. In the U.S.,18% of Latinas, and one in 4 Hispanic children live in poverty. Essentially, we experience a harder way of life. 

Paying Latinas equitably is investing in our families 👩‍👧‍👦 and one of the best things we can do for a prosperous economy 💰