As we fill our plates and gather around the dinner table on “San Givin,” we could also use some tips on how to deal with chisme about your cousin’s latest career move, political talk with your tío, or abuela prying into your social life.

Most people report feeling stress over the holidays, when we see family the most. 

Makes sense, since some family members know just how to push your buttons. Luckily, we can turn to these loved activities to help distract from possible tension.

La LoterĂ­a! Someone is likely to have a set of LoterĂ­a nearby, and there’ll be plenty of bottle caps to use as markers! You can also join your tĂ­os on a set of dominoes, and if all else fails just turn on the TV and watch a recent soccer game together. 

Time for nostalgia! Avoid landmine topics of conversation by asking to watch old family movies of weddings, baptisms and school performances. Who can resist showing you that?

Sometimes, avoiding conflict and enjoying activities can help the whole familia feel grateful for our shared heritage đź‘« 

But if all these fails, bring out the coquito to soften tensions with each (responsible) sip 🍷