There’s more than a million ways to mix different countries’ food traditions and create the ultimate Hispanic Thanksgiving! So here’s a quick guide: 

Appetizers! We can start the night out with ceviche, guacamole, croquetas, empanadas or ajiaco.

Whether you call it sofrito, refrito, hogao or sazón 🌶 the whole house will smell like it, while the family prepares for the main course.

Dinner time, aka 9 p.m! A Hispanic Thanksgiving isn’t about the traditional turkey and stuffing. It’s usually some form of pork, like Pernil or chicharrón. There’s also arroz con pollo or frijoles, and every variation of plantain 🍌 or corn 🌽 you can imagine.

Flan 🍮 uh, I mean, dessert! And there’s also coquito, ponche, sangria (don’t tell me they’re not dessert 🤣), pan dulce and other wonderful treats made with coconut 🥥 dulce de leche and every type of milk🥛 

No room for another bite? Doesn’t matter…leftovers! There’s sure to be Tupperware full of leftovers to sustain our stomachs for days, along with ingredients for turkey tamales, arepas and tacos 🍗🌮 

Will all this deliciousness to choose from, Thanksgiving should be a whole weekend!