Xiuhtezcatl Martinez/Courtesy of NOW for Green Matters 

Xiuhtezcatl (shu-tez-cot) Martinez is a young warrior focused on healing the damages caused by climate change, and he believes it’s his ancestral duty to protect our planet 🌍

The 19-year old activist and music artist 🎵has been using his voice and power to speak up for Mother Earth since he was 6 years old. He is youth director of the environmental justice organization Earth Guardian, and is launching NOW, a platform to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere using culture, music and technology to motivate users.

Photo: PeoplesClimate.org

Xiuhtezcatl is a descendent of the Mexica people of Tenochtitlan. He believes it’s our responsibility “to our ancestors and the next generations to protect our land, our earth, our water, our people.”

Pollution, fires and deforestation are breaking down our planet. Photo: Institute of Public Policy Research

His concerns are well founded. Just look at the extreme weather changes, hurricanes, melting glaciers, vicious fires, and the uncertain future they represent. Most leading climate scientists warn that we only have 12 years to limit global warming and avoid climate breakdown. 

Photo: PeoplesClimate.org

Many agree. In the most recent climate strikes, over six million activists took to the streets to demand action. “The climate crisis is more present than it has ever been,” Xiuhtezcatl said. “We are not going to stand idly by while our future is determined by people who aren’t brave enough to take the steps that are necessary.”

Then 14 years old, is a fierce warrior focused on protecting Earth.

For Xiuhtezcatl, protecting our planet and its people is “the fight of my lifetime.”