The dangerous immigration policies of this administration have us on alert. With so many of us in a constant state of fear, it can make it easy to forget to celebrate ourselves and everything we contribute to American life.


There’s no better time to remind ourselves of our accomplishments than Hispanic Heritage Month! Stickers like the one below are doing just that; making it visible to the world that we’re proud of where we come from and that we mean business!


Immigrant Powered is a grassroots initiative that highlights the positive economic impact of immigrants in our communities, empowers businesses powered by immigrants, and connects small businesses with opportunities for advocacy around responsible immigration policy. 

Source: ImmigrantPowered.Org

To say that we’re an asset to the American economy is an understatement. The presence of all immigrant workers in the labor market grows our GDP an estimated 11% each year, and for every 10,000 immigrants to the U.S., about 62 will start a business — more than double the rate for native-born Americans.

Source: @immigrantpower1 Twitter feed

Whether you’re the child of immigrants or are an immigrant yourself, you’re Immigrant Powered. Take pride in your immigrant heritage with your very own Immigrant Powered sticker! Visit to get one delivered straight to your mailbox!

Join us as we lift up how immigrants shape our country’s local economies for the better.