The Future is Latina T-shirt./The Future is Latina Etsy Shop (currently on hiatus).

You’ve heard the empowering phrase, “The future is female.” Did you know that if we want to get specific, the future is actually Latina? Just ask college counselor Briana Roman. 

The Future is Latina T-shirt./The Future is Latina Etsy Shop (currently on hiatus).

Briana’s Puerto Rican 🇵🇷 mom had her when she was 22, and envisioned a path for her daughter that included school 🎓 career 🏦 and then a family. Briana fulfilled that vision by juggling college and work, and graduating within five years. She also found time to do internships that prepared her for her current career at Barnard College. 

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Briana plans to wait about 10 years to establish herself professionally before adding a family to the mix. This is in line with the path more Latinas are forging for themselves in the U.S. They take advantage of education and other opportunities.

Latina purchasing makeup./Cosmopolitan/Getty Images.

Latina millennials like Briana also have deeper pockets than their parents, which means they have more to contribute to the economy. The consumer economy, especially retail, has caught on to this group’s buying power and knows that these women eventually become heads of households. They’re increasingly wooing them with groceries, clothing, makeup and other products targeted at them specifically. 

Together, Latinxs account for $1.5 trillion, or 10.4% of total U.S. buying power. That’s a 212% jump since 2000. And it’s not slowing down anytime soon, given that Latinxs will make up 30% of the U.S. population by 2060. It’s about time the economy sees the true value of our mujeres.