Selena Alvarenga stands facing the camera with arms crossed in front of a campaign sign.
Courtesy of Selena Alvarenga campaign.

Selena Alvarenga is every good ol’ boy’s worst nightmare. She’s an educated gay Latina immigrant 🙌🏾 And she’s running for office.

Selena Alvarenga unveils her political campaign./Courtesy of Selena Alvarenga campaign.

There are 283,000 Latinxs in all U.S. prisons right now and nearly one 1 in 3 federal prisoners are Latinxs. Plus, Latinos are four times as likely to go to prison than their white male counterparts.

Selena wants to make the criminal justice system fairer for people of color by putting a stop to the school-to-prison pipeline.

This pipeline affects brown and black kids the most because it subjects them to a life of violence and poverty without an opportunity for advancement.

Selena Alvarenga is running for judge in Texas./Courtesy of Selena Alvarenga campaign.

Selena also wants less people in prison for petty crimes by focusing on rehabilitation programs that get to the root of the problem. This gives people a newfound chance at happy and healthy lives.

We have no doubt Selena will accomplish her beautiful goals. She fled El Salvador to escape the Civil War and hasn’t stopped fighting for comunidad since. It’s obvious there’s no stopping this Latina!