Imagine how far a small act of kindness can go when you’re trapped in an immigrant detention center awaiting a date for your asylum hearing. Suddenly that desperation you feel is replaced with renewed hope, if even for just a fleeting moment.

Volunteers unload meals for asylum seekers./USA Today as sourced by MSNBC

That’s how migrants at a detention facility in New Mexico felt when they received a surprise visit from 25 bikers who gave them 30,000 free meals.

It was completely unexpected and done out of a genuine spirit of giving.

With help from the migrants, the bikers unloaded about six pallets worth of meals from Indiana-based nonprofit Pack Away Hunger.

Pack Away Hunger event at Ohio Northern University/

The meals come in pouches and can be prepared using hot water. They consist of rice, vegetables and texturized vegetable protein.

Food served at an immigrant detention center in Arizona./

The 216 immigrants available at lunchtime didn’t wait for a call to help. They immediately lined up to help and all the food was unloaded in just a few minutes.

Nearby Camp Hope, which combats homelessness, also received  5,000 meals from the bikers.

Graphic of bikers./

It’s great to know we have buena gente out there willing to extend a helping arm to our people. It’s proof that kindness and generosity still exist and we can all do our part by paying it forward.