Nuestra gente doesn’t play with superstitions. The groom seeing his bride in her dress before the wedding and Friday the 13th strokes of bad luck are small matters compared to what abuela warned us about.

No matter how busy we are with the kids or how little space there is in the conference room, we make sure to never put our purses on the floor. We’re terrified of losing all our money otherwise … plus it keeps our handbags super clean.

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Ever woken up terrified after dreaming about your teeth falling? That’s because we remember those dreams are believed to be a sign that a family member is about to die. Raise your hand if this has proven to be true.

And what about La Mal Sal? Abuela said to never pass salt directly by hand but to instead set the salt shaker on the table before picking it up again. It’s puro bad luck otherwise.

These superstitions, er, safety tips are sacred. What are some superstitions your Latino family shares?