Many Americans believe that Mexican food is an accurate representation of our culinary dishes, but there’s much more to Latin cuisine!

Caribbean recipes from Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, call for garlic and herbs such as cilantro over chili peppers. Seafood dishes are popular, mofongo and tostones are served daily, red beans are preferred to black and tropical fruits are regular staples.

Northern South America, which includes Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador, relies on beef as the main protein. Ceviche-style dishes are common, as are vegetables made of bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and garlic, and side dishes such as white rice, black beans and plantains. Venezuelan and Colombian arepas and Ecuadorian and Peruvian boniato are go-to corn-based meals.

Steak, ribs, chorizo and sweetbread are prominent cuisine in Argentina and Uruguay. Paraguay enjoys serving up barbecue and yuca daily. Seafood dishes are a staple in Chile and Argentina. European influences can be found throughout the region including in pasta and empanada fillings.

Central America serves up pork, chicken and chorizo. Beans are small and red and usually whole, rice is white and favorite sides include yuca, sweet potatoes, tropical fruit, tortillas and ripe plantains for breakfast.

Latin cuisine has something for everyone’s palate!