You’ve most likely heard of Miles Morales, the latest version of Spider-Man from Marvel comics and the hit film “Into The Spider-Verse” 🕸️ But these other Latinos are also making their mark in the superhero world 👀

Let’s start with America Chavez, aka Miss America 🇺🇸 A Latinx LGBTQ+ kickass, this Marvel superheroine was raised by two moms 👩‍👩‍👧 and can travel through different dimensions. Lucky for us, a new series about her is set to come to Disney+ 🤩

Jaime Reyes is not the first Blue Beetle, but he’s certainly our favorite 😍 This Latino teen got his superhuman strength and powers through a mystical scarab 🤯 He fought crime in El Paso, TX, before eventually saving the world from the Reach, an alien civilization 👽 in the DC comic.

We can’t forget Marvel’s Anya Corazón, aka Spider-Girl, a chingona shero that gets her powers from a spider-shaped tattoo 🕷️ This bilingual hero not only has the heart of a giant, but also superhuman speed and reflexes that she uses to fight the Sisterhood of the Wasp 😎

Last but not least… Zorro 🦊 the first superhero in the U.S. ever! Based on Mexican folktales, he doesn’t need superhuman powers to be a badass. He’s a fearless vigilante, defending the indigenous peoples of California against corrupt officials ⚔️ We need more of him, please 👏🏿