At just 27 years old, Ozuna is defining global music trends. Since the release of his first hit single, “La Ocasión” in 2016, the Puerto Rican-Dominican reggaeton singer has become one of the biggest voices in urban music around the world.  

Ozuna has accomplished a lot in just 3 years: He has the most videos to reach one billion views on Youtube… 

he’s the solo artist with the most weeks at No.1 on the Top Latin Album chart…

And, most importantly, his reggaeton hits have helped usher in a new era of tropical dance influence in pop music. 

Reggaeton has been popular since Daddy Yankee released “Gasolina” in 2003, but it has grown to mainstream status in the past few years. Even stars like Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran have adopted reggaeton rhythm and sound in their tracks.

As reggaeton’s popularity continues to grow, Ozuna will continue to elevate Caribbean music and culture with the whole world!