It’s time to turn the lights up on Washington Heights! 

The film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s (maybe you’ve heard of him?!) first Broadway musical In The Heights comes to theaters summer 2020. 

Latino pride is on full display in the trailer! (Without spoilers) the show is about a predominantly Latino neighborhood in New York City, where three generations of residents deal with the social and financial struggles of following their dreams. 

The dance numbers are dazzling, sprinkled with colorful flags from all over Latin America. And we can already hear the hip-hop with a Latin flair being amplified to fit this larger-than-life setting.

The film version also focuses on immigration in the current-day political climate. By the looks of it, the neighborhood unites to support their loved ones (who happen to be immigrants).  

Lin-Manuel will also get screen time. The Hamilton creator will grace us with his presence as Piragua Guy, the neighborhood snowcone salesman, spreading sugar water and comic relief through the streets of el barrio

The film was shot on location in Washington Heights, the neighborhood that inspired it all. And because Lin-Manuel knows how to give props to his peeps, most of the dancers and background actors are actual residents. We’re already playing the soundtrack on repeat!