In Confianza with Pulso


Our podcast is about finding belonging in the experience of being Latino in the US. On it, you’ll hear stories and conversations about where we are and how we got here. You should listen if you are searching to deepen your roots and feel seen.

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Liz AlarcĂłn: Picture the scene: a humid summer night, dim yellow bulbs flickering around Old San Juan, lighting up the oldest cathedral in the New World. In the background, you hear a beat, that undeniable reggaeton beat you can recognize from a mile away. As it gets louder…

Liz AlarcĂłn: Every kid dreams of being part of their school play, or at least I did. Seeing your parents in the audience, eyes sparkling with pride, there’s no better feeling. I got to be and feel that as a six year old my very first time on…