Pulso’s Ethics Policy: 

Pulso‚Äôs Statement of adherence to journalistic standards, including truthfulness, fairness, integrity, independence, and accountability. 

Project Pulso is a nonprofit organization providing independent reporting and commentary on issues important to the Latinx community. We were founded in 2018 with a mission of building deep, digital relationships with our subscribers through culturally-relevant and inclusive news and articles that lift the contributions of nuestra gente. One goal of empowering our readers with inclusive news and information that allows Latinx stories to be the focus is to encourage action on critical issues, and inspire civic engagement. In both our reporting and our commentary, at Pulso we value accuracy, present facts fairly, and aim to provide news coverage that is reflective of and relevant to our communities.

Pulso‚Äôs Fact-Checking Policy: 

Pulso’s writers and reporters use their discretion to conduct their own fact-checking, and are expected to follow journalism ethics in their information gathering. They independently verify all facts in their stories, with the understanding that the news and information we share has a direct impact on our community.

Reporters and writers are expected to be precise with the work they submit, including their wording of content, headlines, and URLs. They are expected to exercise at least basic journalistic guidelines to verify information they gather, and seek out diverse and reliable sources. This expectation applies to factual statements and accounts, identifying information, names and positions. Reporters conduct their own fact checking using their own judgement, and Pulso will use fact checkers in circumstances deemed necessary. 

Pulso‚Äôs Correction Policy:  

In the event of substantive errors to our original reporting, Pulso will change the piece and note the correction (and the reason for it) at the end of the article. In the case of larger alterations to a piece, which may fundamentally change the story, Pulso will add an editor’s note to the top of the article, explaining the change (and the reason for it).