Doña Angelita puts on her apron and walks through her ranch in Michoacán, Mexico picking ingredients for meals she makes in front of a camera for millions to see.

She’s spent her life humbly mastering the traditional cooking methods passed down to her. But in summer 2019, she found instant stardom as her YouTube cooking channel “De Mi Rancho A Tu Cocina” gained almost 2 million subscribers in just a few short months.

So why is this abuelita so popular? For starters, she’s SO CUTE 😍 She begins her videos with “hola mi gente,” and we’ve never been prouder to be called someone’s gente. 

She looks like she could be your abuelita, as she guides us on how to make mole. 

With the money she made from YouTube, Angelita treated her family to a beach trip, and she got to see the ocean  🌊 for the very first time 💗

LCF 1 million dollar party at AIR B&B, San Fransisco. December 15, 2018.

People love her so much, that a very active Facebook Fan page has over 84,000 members and counting! This Doñita’s genuine voice is refreshing in an age of influencers, and as her success grows we hope other abuelitas are inspired to teach us other arts from the past.