In 2021, are you looking for better luck 🍀  love ❤️ or prosperity? 💰 Whatever you hope your new year will look like, this popular Latino tradition says your underwear color may have an impact 😮  But don’t fret - we got your back. Click “next” to find out what color undies you should be wearing this NYE.

If you’re like J.Lo and “just want the di-nero” 🤑  yellow undies, which symbolize prosperity, will be your go-to on NYE. And while we have no doubt that 2021 will be your year, green underwear will bring you good luck in all of your upcoming endeavors 🍀

Though blue underwear - which symbolizes good health - has been overlooked in the past, we have a feeling that amid the pandemic, on this NYE it will make its comeback. And that crush you can’t stop thinking about? Wearing pink undies is sure to score you a Zoom date 💗

Tighty whities aren’t the most stylish, but on NYE it doesn’t matter. After all, there’s nothing wrong with wishing for happiness, peace, and joy in the new year ✌🏾 For more romance and pasión, lovers around the world will be wearing red during their new year’s kiss ❤️

If you simply can’t decide on just one new year’s wish, you can always try wearing all the colors at once 😅  Whichever colors you choose, by following this tradition, 2021 could be your best year yet. And remember, it has to be new underwear! (We don’t make the rules 🤷🏽‍♀️)