We all know there ain’t no party like a Latino holiday party ‘cause a Latino holiday party doesn’t stop 🎉 And from a cold glass of coquito to staying up until 3 AM, we know a Latino party when we see one 👀 So…which of these holiday Hispanicisms can you relate to? 🙌🏽

While other people celebrate on Christmas day, we’re recovering from Noche Buena the night before 😴 And after 12 tasty grapes on NYE at midnight 🍇 which symbolize 12 lucky months ahead, we still have el Día de los Reyes Magos and a delicious rosca to look forward to 🥳

Aside from the classic “Feliz Navidad” by José Feliciano, we expect to hear many other versions  🎶  On NYE, our family spends the whole morning cleaning the house. After all, a clean slate starts with a clean home ✨ And don’t forget to pick your underwear color wisely 😉

Beans or rocks? Either way, a late-night round of Lotería (or five!) is a must during the holidays 🤩  And when an army of tías come over for a tamalada in preparation of the festivities, you already know they’re going to be on point 👌🏾

What is eggnog anyway? Our holiday drink of choice is rompope, ponche crema, or coquito 🤤 Don’t even get us started on las Posadas on Noche Buena 😍 when we recreate Mary’s journey to find a place to give birth, and showcase our musical skills to our neighbors 💗