Colonizers didn’t discover America, when Columbus arrived people were already living here. Although we typically think of Mayan civilizations as being from Mexico and Central America, there’s evidence that they roamed the entire continent... 

...even in what is now the southern United States. An alliance of Native American scholars and archaeologist allies have shown evidence that Native Americans’ ancestors are First Nation people of Mexico and Central America.

In 2011, archeologists found an 1,100 year old site in the state of Georgia’s mountains and they immediately identified the stone structures to be of the Maya people.

Aside from their identical architecture and red pottery, archeologists found some remnants of an irrigation system that could sustain whole agricultural communities. But how would they have gotten to present-day Georgia, USA?

Around the year 800 AD, the flourishing Maya civilization began to collapse after a series of volcanic eruptions. After drought and war, many of these cities were abandoned and people migrated north.

If this theory is true, it means that just like many of us, our ancestors moved across the entire continent.