This week, federal workers head back to their jobs as daily new coronavirus cases break high records across the country. In the fullest look yet on race and coronavirus, data shows Latinos are hit the hardest nationally, which is why it’s shocking that Trump has claimed coronavirus victory

On the economic front, Dominican American economist, Francisco Perez (PlatonĂłmics) wrote about who will pay for this crisis. “People of color, white women, the disabled, and queer will pay for this crisis by losing their livelihoods, homes, education, healthcare, and for tens of thousands already, their lives.” 

This week’s “5 Essential Updates” for our gente include: how pregnant Latinas are affected by the coronavirus, the Puerto Rican state of emergency and guided meditation for our familias.

1. Pregnant Latinas with Coronavirus: Are pregnant Latinas at higher risk for the coronavirus? According to hospital statistics in Ohio, COVID-19 has been found disproportionately in pregnant Latinas and in Illinois, Latinas and Black women make up 70% of pregnant coronavirus cases. One doctor said the rates are “astronomically high”, and most likely due to a high percentage of these mothers being essential workers.  

2. P.R. State of Emergency — In Puerto Rico, the governor has declared a state of emergency due to a severe drought that has left 60% of the country affected. As the island extends the longest COVID-19 curfew in the U.S. so far, the drought combined with the coronavirus pandemic has threatened the wellbeing of Boricuas. 

3. Younger Latinos hospitalized — Half of Latinos who are hospitalized because of coronavirus are between the ages of 18-49, compared to the only 13% of white people hospitalized in this age group according to data provided by the CDC. Aside from the disproportionate impact on Latinos, the data shows that young people are indeed affected. 

4. Meditation Apps for your whole family — We know mindfulness is important during times of uncertainty, and this meditation list put together by Raquel Reichard is a good place to start. It features 10 guided meditation videos by Latinas to help cope with stress. Best of all, some of the videos are in Spanish, for the Spanish-speakers in our family to enjoy. 

5. Universal testing is a human rights issue — As COVID-19 cases skyrocket, states have taken to expand targeted testing, but some advocates say this is not enough. Even though the coronavirus is taking an unequal toll on Latinos, Native Americans and Black people, these are sometimes the same communities with less access to testing. Nation-wide, universal testing can be an act of solidarity