Latino service workers continue to bear the brunt of coronavirus as we’re hitting information overload. But we agree that “more information does not mean [you’re] more informed” 🙌🏽 from the new podcast,How To Talk to [Mamí & Papí] About Anything.’ So we’re combating the current ‘infodemic’ by focusing only on key issues affecting nuestra gente. This week’s “5 Essential Updates” includes resources for Latino renters, an impending mental health crisis for our community, and drive-by graduations to end a peculiar school year. 

1. Will undocumented people receive stimulus checks? — Millions of taxpaying undocumented immigrants were left out of the $2.2 trillion stimulus package signed in March. But on Friday, the HEROES Act was passed by the House, allowing immigrants to be eligible for aid regardless of their legal status. Now it’s up to the Republican-led Senate to show support, the way California did when they made $125 million available to help undocumented immigrants. 

2. USCIS is seeking a bailout — The US Citizenship and Immigration Services agency is asking Congress for $1.2 billion, since they depend on fees from green card, visa, and work permit applications that coronavirus has halted. And now, Trump is considering additional restrictions on temporary visas.

3. A mental health crisis for Latinos — The United Nations is warning of an increase in psychological suffering due to the pandemic, and experts say Latinos are one of the hardest-hit communities from coronavirus anxiety. Nonprofit organizations are providing mental health resources for Latinos, and handy guides (like the infographic above) help, but some lawmakers are also pushing for necessary mental health reform

4. Could renters be evicted? It depends — Forty-three percent of Latino adults are reporting challenges paying rent. The federal government is halting all evictions until July 25 for tenants who can’t pay their rent in certain properties. There are online resources to find out who’s eligible.

5. Zoom’s out for summer — Students across the country are retiring their wacky Zoom backgrounds and wrapping up the school year (to the relief of weary parents!) 😝 To make up for canceled graduations, some students are having online ceremonies and even drive-by graduations, like Ethan. Now, if only we had a clear plan of what our pandemic summer will look like 🤔


Lisann Ramos (she/her/hers) is a Content Writer for Pulso. She is a Cuban American writer, audio producer and reporter. She produces a podcast called Now That We’re Friends for O, Miami. She lives in Miami, Florida, where she was born and raised. 📧: [email protected]