Coronavirus (COVID-19) is coming for everything it can. It’s coming for our health, our happiness, and even our homes. While politicians have gone back and forth blaming one another for this public health crisis, we’ve been left out to dry and now it’s time to demand more.

A stimulus check is nice, but it’s far from enough. A record number of over 3.3 million people in the USA have filed for unemployment in the span of a week. Washington says they’re addressing it, but for Black America, rescue for others has often meant something else for us.

People cannot pay their rent, mortgage, or bills if they cannot go to work. Some cities and states have realized this, and are working on temporary relief from paying these bills during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we need this at a national level for everyone—-or it’s going to get even worse.

Housing activists are telling Congress to do the right thing, and so should we. Black America is liable to be hit twice as hard! Many of us are already feeling the growing economic impact of this pandemic, and when that rent check comes due, it’s going to get even worse.

47 million people could end up out of work, and if rent’s still due, could become homeless. We need BIG relief! Sign this petition to tell Congress we need to suspend rent, mortgage, and utility payments, and ask for a full moratorium on evictions/foreclosures during this pandemic.