The presidential primaries are underway, and they’re not representative of our diverse nation. 

Iowa, a state with a 90% White population, is the first to decide who should represent them in the presidential primary race. Then it’s followed by New Hampshire, a state that’s 93% White.

Since these states often end up determining the initial frontrunners in the race, the results they produce have the ability to sway the rest of the election.

But, should it be that way?

NO. When Julián Castro was in the presidential race, he pointed out the obvious: these states are not diverse enough to represent our nation. 

Our current system “actively diminishes the voices of African Americans and people of color in the Democratic presidential nominating process,” he said.

What he’s saying is that if these states aren’t representative of our diverse populations, those of us who aren’t White are less likely to have a say in the presidential race.

As Latinos, our best shot at achieving accurate representation at the polls doesn’t come until the Nevada primaries, weeks after frontrunners are established. 

Right now people of color are being drowned out. Isn’t it time we do away with an ancient primary system?