With Julián Castro’s exit, we no longer have a Latino running for president, but here are some powerful Latinos working on the Democratic 2020 campaign trail who have our back.

These Latino powerhouses are working behind the scenes to amplify our voice in the Democratic primaries.

Analilia Mejia is Bernie Sander’s national political director and Chuck Rocha is his senior advisor. Both believe that “Tío Bernie’s” 🧓 🏻success stems from going into our communities,  rather than relying on “a woke white boy” (as Chuck puts it) to guide the presidential candidate on Latino issues.  

Cristóbal Alex is former Vice President Joe Biden’s senior advisor. Previously, he was president of the Latino Victory Fund, a Political Action Committee (PAC) aimed at increasing Latino representation in politics 🇺🇸 

Cecilia Cabello has devoted years to the city of Los Angeles, and now runs former mayor Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign in California.

Erick Sanchez is Andrew Yang’s press secretary. He’s led successful progressive online campaigns, and called out CNBC on Twitter when they identified the wrong Asian man as Yang 🤦🏻‍♂️  

Natalie Montelongo is Elizabeth Warren’s senior strategist. She’s a political activist who’s worked at the ACLU and on Julián Castro’s presidential campaign. 
Presidential candidates who value and elevate progressive Latino voices on their teams are investing in genuine connections to our gente!