Photo: Josefina Casati

Have you heard of glamorous “glammas”? Latina innovator Maxeme Tuchman says they’re young-at-heart abuelitas  👵🏾 who are 50-64 and tech-savvy  💻 and beam with pride over their grandbabies. 

A grandma in a scene from ‘Jane The Virgin’. 

If they don’t live nearby, they worry that the little ones will forget all about their Nana. Fortunately, technology offers an answer. And these abuelitas will try anything.

Plus, since they are the age group with the most disposable income  💵 they’ve got the funds for it! How much are we talking about here? They make four times as much as millennial moms!

Maxeme Tuchman/ MICHELLE CITRIN for Forbes Maxeme Toyota video interview

This gave Cuban-American immigrant Maxeme an idea 💡 so she created Caribu, a technology that lets these ‘glammas’ read bedtime stories, teach their grandbabies the alphabet and fill out connect-the-dot activities through video calls in real time.

Maxeme knows that families who are separated yearn to be together, so combining reading and family through technology was a clear solution. And her company is growing! 

Caribu sample reading

Now, when toddlers and young children reach for the phone to talk with grandma, they develop a deeper bond because they are also having fun with Caribu’s books, coloring sheets or tic-tac-toe games, and they develop their intellect.

Maxeme Tuchman. Photo Sourced by Toyota

Suddenly, talking to abuela is a cool and fun thing to do! Maxeme’s ingenuity helps with literacy, develops a love for reading 📚and is a way for families that are physically apart to come together. What a way to strengthen the connection between generations 🤩