How many Latinx US citizens does ICE arrest?

Ramon Torres, Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Ramon Torres is an exemplary U.S. citizen with a family, a home and reputation as an honest man. Yet, none of that mattered when he was racially profiled for his brown skin and Latin American name by local cops who arrested him on suspicion of drunk driving in Louisiana. 

Ramon was suspected of being undocumented and was held in immigration custody for four days, even though he’s has been a U.S. citizen for nearly 10 years. Never mind that he had his Social Security card, a US passport, a Louisiana driver’s license and a court order for his release. The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana sued for his release.

Torres spent four days in jail before a lawyer’s involvement finally secured his release. (Bart Everson/Flickr)

The staff at the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office clearly admitted that they have a policy to detain all Latinx people for immigration review! Ramon’s detainment was a violation of his constitutional rights. Unfortunately, this incident isn’t isolated. It begs the question: How often are Latinx citizens detained due to racial profiling or discriminatory policies at agencies around the country?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents prepare to make arrests./ICE

ICE has illegally detained nearly 1,500 US citizens since 2012, despite a policy that requires a legal review take place within 48 hours if an individual claims to be a US citizen, reported the Los Angeles Times. This investigation found that hundreds more had to prove their status in immigration courts and sometimes spent months or even years in detention. Children of immigrants and naturalized citizens are the most vulnerable when it comes to mistaken arrests. In total, ICE makes 100,000-plus arrests annually. 

Local agencies across the country need to stop their unjust and discriminatory policies which unfairly target Latinxs.