A Guatemalan mother of six ran the L.A. Marathon recently wearing traditional Mayan clothes and shoes (a huipil and caites). We … mean …. WOW!




Check this video out!

Maria del Carmen Tun Cho is 46 years old and speaks the indigenous language Q’eqchi’. Her reason for participating in the prestigious race wasn’t a prize or making a specific time.



Her motivation for running went much deeper. She wanted to represent her community, run for equality and show how far women can go – literally.

Source: La Hora


Her trip to L.A. was hosted by local activists such as Teofilo Barrientos who wanted to help expose her inspiring message to the public. She clocked in at 4 hours, 42 minutes and 22 seconds and told media her diet consisted of beans, tortillas, chili and tomatoes!

We think it’s safe to say Maria is Queen Chapina!