If you’ve turned on the T.V. in the last year and made it to your favorite show’s commercial breaks, chances are you’ve seen an ad for a DNA test.

It seems like they’re more popular than ever, but for Latinos, DNA tests just don’t tell our whole genetic story.

Historically, people of European ancestry have taken more DNA tests, resulting in much more comprehensive DNA databases for them than for people of color.

This lack of DNA testing by Latinos, coupled with our ancestral mix of European and indigenous roots, has made our gente’s results less accurate.

But with more folks of non-European ancestry buying DNA tests at higher rates, test-making companies are being forced to make their databases more diverse.

While the more popular companies get it together, there’s one lesser-known DNA test company that’s already better serving our community.

We Are Cousins is a website that helps Latinos trace their Native American and Spanish roots.
By knowing our roots, we can keep our family’s history alive for generations to come.